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Doug, a central California native received his Bachelor Of Fine Arts from The California College of Arts and Crafts in 1971. Having studied  under Wolfgqang Lederer, Glen Wessels, and other prominent contemporary art figures, he began his early career in the Bay Area.

After leaving San Francisco, Doug purchased property on the Garden Highway, and continued his career for 37 years in Sacramento finding work in several  disciplines and organizations, including art direction, creative direction, advertising promotion, newsprint, illustration, and magazine design. 

Manifesto’s and philosophy aside, versatility and discipline are obvious requirements, and Doug’s techniques, styles and methodology in the pursuit of fine art mirrors his diverse experience.

A frequent contributor to The Florence Bienale, Lana Jean Rose, has a suggested Doug’s work represents a “tour de force in confidence of media, deceivingly whimsical and geometrically sublime.”


SAC  Sacramento Advertising Club

Silver Award

Logo  Video Warehouse


SAC Sacramento Advertising Club

Silver Award

Newsprint Advertising


SAC Sacramento Advertising Club

Gold Award

Television: 30 Seconds


Juried Shows:

KVIE Art Auction 2012

KVIE Art Auction 2017

KVIE Art Auction 2018

Blue Line Gallery, Roseville CA

Lottery for the Arts 2017

Benefit for Joshua House

Sacramento, CA  2017

Yolo County Arts Council

A Walk in the Park

Gallery 325, Woodland, CA 

June-July 2018

Blue Line Gallery, Roseville, CA

Membership Medley

 June-July 2018

Sacramento Fine Arts Center

Where The Wild Things Are

June 2018

Selected Exhibits Include:

I Magnin Gallery

Sacramento, CA 1987

Durovitch Gallery

Sacramento, CA 1987

Sacramento Savings and Loan 


Phoenix Gallery 

Sacramento, CA 


Crepeville, Sacramento, CA


Crocker Art Museum

Big Name Small Art





Kennedy Art Gallery, Sacramento,CA

2017    “The Glamor Show”

Philosophy and Manifesto

The California College of Arts and Crafts (now CCA) was an environment steeped in the Bay Area arts revolution during the late 1960s when I was there. As a young man from California’s Central Valley, I was overwhelmed with the inspiration of Clay Spohn's work in abstract expressionism; Elmer Bischoff's  avant-garde circle; Jack Mendenhall's techniques; and Robert Bechtle's approach to casual subject matter. As I intently studied   watercolor technique, I found inspiration from Dong Kingman and George Post. It was John Marin’s work that was most influential in terms of early 20th century abstraction. These, as well as other artists, made an indelible mark on me as a young artist and inspired me to become a professional artist following in the west coast style.

Despite this early cacophony of styles and hypnotic manifestoes, I was led to the highly disciplined study of graphics, illustration and advertising techniques under the strict guidance of Wolfgang Lederer, an early or old school influence in German bauhaus design, and Steven Reoutt, a leader in commercial advertising. I obtained a BFA in graphics in 1971, which well prepared me for a long and meaningful career in the arts, and specifically in published works — magazines newspapers, products and services.