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Objective Studies

The Mask     Recycled Paper Watercolor 

2 feet by 2 feet    2016   Artist’s collection

The Tomb Door    Recycled Paper Watercolor 2.5 feet by 2 feet    2016      Private Collection.

The Gold Chinese Kite  Recycled Paper Watercolor 

4 feet by 4 feet    2016   Artist’s collection

The Glass Vase    Recycled Paper Watercolor 

3 feet by 3 feet    2016    Artist’s collection

 Silk Road  Camel Rider    Recycled Paper   Watercolor 3 feet by 3 feet    2016    Artist’s collection

Paris  Acrylic on canvas  2  feet by  2 feet    2017  

The Glamor Exhibit, Kennedy Art Gallery June 2017, Sacramento CA

Spaceships  Recycled Paper Watercolor 

2  feet by  3 feet    2010  Artist’s collection