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Selected Archived Professional Work

Covers  and Spreads

Premeire Issue  Web Publisher Magazine

Two page spread  Web Publisher Magazine

Two page spread  Comstock’s Business Magazine

Print Illustration          Marketing              Advertising

Illustration “Voodoo Music” Tower Records Pulse! Magazine

Illustration “Indy Labels” Tower Records Pulse! Magazine

Illustration “Web Assistants”

Delphi Informant Magazine

Illustration “Regional Arts”

Comstock’s Business Magazine

Illustration “Growing Pains”

Comstock’s Business Magazine

Cover for Sacramento 

Regional Business

Comstock’s Business Magazine

Poster “California Fair Association”  SS Graphics

Selected Logos      Trademarks

Full page subscription ad  

Tower Records Pulse! Magazine

Informant Communications Group


California Fair Association  Convention

Sacramento Savings and Loan  Advertising

Wallpapers For Less

Retail Trademark

Video Warehouse  Retail

Sacramento AIDS Foundation  Non Profit